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Claustrophobic? How to Ease Your MRI Fears

The MRI is a diagnostic test that trained specialists perform every single day. Many people fear the MRI, though it is pain-free and a fairly simple procedure. For individuals with claustrophobia, the MRI test becomes an even more painful process. If you’re scheduled for radiology Edison NJ but worry of the test, there are a few techniques that can help you minimize those fears.

radiology Edison NJ

Arrive Early

Arriving at the testing center ahead of the appointment time offers the chance to familiarize yourself with your surroundings and ease some of the fears that you encounter when arriving at a new place for the first time.


Don’t forget to breathe when you arrive and do not let yourself become overwhelmed! It will help you relax if you practice a few deep breathing techniques before and during the visit. Stress can easily take over your mind and body, but there’s no reason to allow such to happen.

Guided Imagery

Many patients who need an MRI use guided imagery to help overcome their fears of the machine and the test. Perhaps this is a technique that will help you relax enough to perform the procedure properly.


Some facilities offer medications for patients who are extremely nervous or over anxious about the visit. This option is not always available, but can help considerably in many situations.


Bringing in a pair of headphones can isolate the noise and help you focus on music, shows, etc. Many MRI specialists offer them to their patients and it seems to help a good percentage of them.

There are many ways to alleviate the fears of an MRI, even when claustrophobia is also of concern. Start making your fears subside by using the tips above before, during, and after your MRI. You’ll be glad that you did.